[EN] Cube Chain has attended ‘2019 Korea’s Allied Economic Associations Annual Meeting


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It is still cold out there, but the Sun is staying up little longer every day.
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Here are some News updates of Cube Chain. It’s been a while.

On 14th Feb, Mr. Kim, Dong-Oh, the CEO of Cube Chain, has attended ‘2019 Korea’s Allied Economic Associations Annual Meeting’ and took a part in the parallel meeting of <Introduction of Korea’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industry>.

This conference was held at the Sungkyunkwan University Seoul Campus,

Mr. Kim of the Cube Chain talked about “The future of the Cube Chain and the block chain”, “What the block chain exists for, and the current status of the block chain”.

Since the block chain started to be a popular topic of conversations among many people, it is growing faster than any other technology.

Gartner, a market researching agency, has included blockchain technology as one of the most promising technologies in 2019 in October last year which was selected as the top ten most promising technology for three consecutive years since 2017. This is a very rare case that could happen in this industry and we can see how much attention blockchain is having.

Blockchain has a growth rate 5 times higher than that of A.I. or IoT.

We can say that the attention of the whole world is concentrated.

But, so far, we have been talking about the technology of blockchain only.

Blockchain is a platform of trust that provides transparency and integrity, but many people are still dubious about it.

How long would it take for blockchain to settle among our lives and create its own culture?


For the past two years, we were busy defining what blockchain is and competing others with technologies. From now on, we can say that it is time to think more about

“what is it for?” and “what do we need to do with it?”.

With no purpose, the technology dies.


Cube Chain does not only talk about technology.

But we create industry along with it. Furthermore, we aim to be a blockchain technology that creates culture.

In the future, blockchain industry will change a lot, and grow.

Please keep watching us with your warm attention.



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