[EN] Global Blockchain Conference  Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO and Cryptovalley. 


Cube Chain participated in the Global Blockchain Conference at The Plaza Hotel in Seoul on 14th June,2018.

At this blockchain conference, the president of the Korea ICT Financial Convergence Association said, “Like Cryptovalley in Switzerland, we need a place to concentrate on the cryptocurrency industry in our country.” He also said that he is planning a conference event to discuss with Busan City in order to build a cryptobeach in Haeundae at the end of August.

Switzerland is very committed to creating an environment and infrastructure through industry fostering of cryptocurrency and blockchains and is openly approaching new technologies and applications, unlike Korea, which regulates ICOs.

In this blockchain conference, together with Kim, Hyung-ju, chairman of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, and Linus Von Castelmur, Ambassador of Switzerland to Korea, our Cube Chain joined together to discuss the direction of development.



It will be remembered as a valuable time to understand the Swiss ICO Guidelines, along with a speech about Dong-oh Kim’s (CEO of Cube Chain) technology and service model of Cube Chain as a conference for development in Korea’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.



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