[EN] Cube Chain Test-Net Launch. Let’s check it out with CubeScan


Cube Chain Test Net Launching!

Cube Chain Test-Net is open. Let’s check it out with CubeScan


Hi everyone! This is Team Cube Chain.

Blockchain Platform ‘Cube Chain’ is ,finally, opening Test-Net.

Test-Net is used for testing blockchain’s development status in the same condition as Main-net. This means that before we get to Main-net, we can prepare our own independent blockchain system. With this Test-net launch, developers will go through lots of examinations and settle the technical check and stabilized system. Then, it will lead us to successful Main-net release. You can check on our Cube Chain’s core test-net version at Github. Also, you can actually see the generation of Cube and transaction status at CubeScan beta.

Until now, white paper was the only way you could experience Cube Chain. But in here at http://testnet.cubescan.io, you can actually experience how Cube Chain is functioning.


[Teaser Video Clip – Cube Chain Test-net]

Cubescan beta(http://testnet.cubescan.io) is an Explorer web site that organized all the information written on Cube Chain.

In here, you can find current status of Cube and block generation, specific details, block miner info, actual transactions occurred among wallets and their fees, and every token and their transactions created based on Cube Chain.

[Brief summary of Cube Chain Test-net]

[Main page of CubeScan]

Cube Chain is a brand new blockchain platform that creates Cubes and connect them. A Cube has 24 data blocks, and 3 special blocks in it. 3 special blocks are △Indexing Block, △Statistics Block, and △Escrow Block. CubeScan is well organized so that these special developmental structure of Cube Chain could be noticed easily.

You can find every cube’s detailed contents as well as 24 data blocks, 3 special blocks’ hash values, previous and next cube’s hash values, merkle root, size, generation time, miner, transaction volume, rewards and their methods included in the cube. If you click on the hash value of 27 blocks in a cube, you can get access to block information and transactions information logged in the blocks.

A transaction is a data containing trade information between wallets which shows actual trade log through Cube Chain Test-net. In the information, there are transaction time, traders’ info, amount, transaction fee, and etc.

If you want to know what transactions were made with certain wallet, you can simply click on the wallet address to check. Transaction info, balance of the wallet, and daily trade volume are accessible. This is representative factor of decentralization, one of blockchain’s character.

[Detail page of a cube on CubeScan]


Cube Chain’s agreement algorithm is POH. POH is a hybrid method which combines POW and POS.

POW (Proof of Work) method gives rewards to miners that successfully mined blocks and cubes by mining with Q10 (an ASIC USB type mining device) or GPU. POS (Proof of Stake) method gives rewards to QUB holders participated in POS at Cube Wallet which will be open in the future. The reward will vary depending on the amount of QUB they are holding.

At CubeScan, you can see Cube Chain’s agreement algorithm and its reward system.

[Token list page in CubeScan]


Creating a new token using Cube Chain is possible. You can make tokens on Cube Chain and with the tokens, you can develop applications or DApp and make Cube Chain’s ecosystem spread out.

You can also check the tokens transactions and trade records occurred in there at CubeScan.


If you have difficulties making Cube Chain node by yourself, you can check how Cube Chain is connected, and what data are contained through CubeScan.

(Transfer amount, transactions, transferred Cube and Blocks, tokens, and everything occurred in Test-net does not affect actual Cube Chain Main-net)


Cube Chain Platform was embodied using Cube Chain’s own self-developed algorithm without using any other open sources. 

All of you must have been waiting to see Cube Chain platform for so long! Now… let’s go and see for ourselves!




To see “CubeScan” beta version, http://testnet.cubescan.io


+ If you are interested in Cube Chain Test-net Core,

Please visit Github Cube Chain page (https://github.com/cubechainofficial/CubeChain)


Official Site: http://cubechain.io

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDEC2HP8oVRXuKsAeUtrLA

Telegram: https://t.me/cubechain

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cubechain

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cube_chain

Github: https://github.com/cubechainofficial/CubeChain

Medium: https://medium.com/@cubechainio