[EN] Mining pool suspension notice


Hello, this is Cube Chain Team.

Currently, Cube Chain’s POW mining is conducted in two ways: Stand Alone method and Mining pool participation. However, after the release of Q10, POW mining in the mining pool did not succeed, and the participation of the mining pool was low, making it meaningless to maintain the mining pool any longer. Therefore, CubeChain has decided to suspend the operation of the mining pool, and please withdraw QUB on the mining site to the CubeChain wallet within that period.

Period: Until March 31 (23:59 UTC)


– QUB cannot be withdrawn from the mining site after the time the mining pool operation support ends, and Cube Chain is not responsible for any changes in the asset value of coins that have not been withdrawn.

If you have any other questions, please contact help@cubechain.io or telegram @cubeCM.

thank you.