[EN] Establishment of Cube Chain R&D.

Establishment of research institute attached to Cube Chain company.


The Cube System Co., Ltd. has the idea of ​​recognizing the importance of R & D and becoming more mature. Therefore, we prepared according to the guideline of Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association.

As a result,

On 5th June 2018

2018년 6월 5일


Cube System Co., Ltd. was certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association to establish a company-affiliated research institute. This means that Cube System Co., Ltd. has been recognized as having facilities to research and develop by resident researchers from the Korean government.

In order to efficiently support and manage the research and development activities of the company, the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KIDA) is a research institute or research institute attached to a company that meets the standards set by the Presidential Decree, R & D department of R & D department or R & D department.


A blockchain that uses the concept of cubes instead of blocks is Cube Chain that we show.

We hope you will enjoy the data processing speed and data collection functions you have not experienced before, and Cube Chain that will grow even further.


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