[EN] Regarding To Presale Token Distribution.


Hello from Cube Chain.


QUB tokens are being distributed to the members who participated in the presale sequentially from June 16th. To receive the QUB tokens, you must log in to the website and register for the Etherwallet to receive the QUB tokens (ERC 20) and apply for the KYC certification. You must complete both procedures before you receive the QUB tokens.

You can check the whole procedure about login, KYC authentication, and how to make Etherwallet through the link below.

프리세일 참여 회원 수량 확인 및 이더리움 지갑에 토큰 정보 추가 방법


If you have any further questions, feel free to talk to us through help@cubechain.com.


Thank you.