[EN] Seminar of Financial Policies Direction in the 4th Industrial Revolution.





On June 18th , 2018, a seminar on financial policies direction in the 4th Industrial Revolution era was held in the National Assembly Hall, sponsored by the Korea Blockchain Management Association, sponsored by Cube System. This seminar was designed to anticipate the changes that will occur as a result of the introduction of the blockchain technology, which has been attracting attention as a core technology in the fourth industrial revolution era, and to discuss the correct direction. Professor of the Blockchain Institute, and Chairman of the Legislative Policy Research Committee of the National Assembly, and discussed the future settlement and development of a new financial and ecosystem in the Republic of Korea.

In the future, the financial and economic system will advance and the blockchain economy will begin. Various cryptocurrency are being developed starting with bitcoin which can be called 1st generation cryptocurrency. Before I knew it, the first, second, and third generation blockchain were developed. In the future, cryptocurrency will soon become a new cryptocurrency in the blockchain ecosystem, with a new blockchain, Cube Chain, growing.

The next seminar will be with the speech of Cube Chain.

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