[EN] Join us to Blockchain Summit London 2018


Europe’s Largest Dedicated Blockchain Event for Business Leaders: “2018 London Blockchain Summit”

2018 London Blockchain Summit is a two-day conference and exhibition linking more than 2,000 industry leaders, business decision-makers, technology innovators and investors. It is known as Europe’s largest blockchain dedicated event based on unrivaled content and exceptional networking opportunities.


“Cube System”, developing “Cube Chain”, a new blockchain technology that represents the 4th generation blockchain, will participate in the “Blockchain Summit 2018 in London” for two days from June 26th, 2018.
We will be introducing a new blockchain platform technology, Cube Chain, to both individuals and businesses participating in this London conference.

Cube Chain Communications Team Suhyon Che and Juyun Kim join as speakers at the London Blockchain Summit, which is well-known as Europe’s largest blockchain conference for business leaders.


We will present our service models for freelancers, small businesses and/or corporate as well as the new Blockchain platform with Cube Chain algorithm introduction in the simplest way and will easily help the audience understand Cube Chain.

Join us on the 26th and 27th June 2018 for Blockchain Summit London, UK.


Speech Date: 26th June 2018

Speech Time: 2:35PM – 2:55PM

Venue: Theatre 4 at Olympia West, 12 Blythe Road, Hammersmith, London, W14 8UX




Official Site:     http://cubechain.io

Whitepaper:     http://cubechain.info/assets/file/Technical-White-Paper_EN.pdf

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