[EN] Cube Chain that is becoming a global company.




Hello from UK.

It is a good news of Cube Chain.


We were participating in the Blockchain Summit London, which took place from 26-27 June 2018 in the UK, has already been discussed in our last posting. One of the biggest blockchain conferences in Europe, the Cube Chain was part of the event, connecting 2,500 people with representatives of the blockchain industry, managers, technicians, and investors.


Then there was an interview proposal from UK Proactive Investor. Proactive Investors is a global online financial media company. We have relationships with the majority of the majors, e.g. Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Google, Yahoo, etc. Further, our website receives around 50,000 investor visits daily who are looking for new investments.



They direct interview proposal to Cube Chainat the London Summit. And on Monday, Cube Chain Team Leader went back to London and finished the interview. It was once again a widespread announcement of Cube Chain that many investors were wondering about.

The interviews will be available on YouTube this week and will be posted on the US and UK websites as a headline for a week. Please watch the video clip. Thank you.


Proactive Investors Web site



You tube




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