[EN] Please pay attention MetaMask phishing website!


MetaMask can be controlled by the user in the form of twelve seed words that are displayed when the user first sets it up. Each user can manage their own seed words so they can think of security as strong, but if a hacker creates a phishing website and enters a seed word there, it can take away all the information.

It is the same pattern as the banking site which is spreading in Korea recently.

Many websites ask you to display the screen below and impersonate MetaMask user interface to enter the wallet seed word. If you enter a seed word there, it’s like giving out all the information. Be careful!

The link below is a MetaMask phishing blacklist.







Dear MetaMask Users,
There have been several instances of high-profile legitimate websites such as BTC Manager and Games Workshop that have had their websites temporarily compromised. This involves showing a fake MetaMask window on the page asking for user’s seed phrases. MetaMask will never open itself in this way and users are encouraged to report these instances immediately to either our phishing blacklist or our support email at support@metamask.io.


Please read our full article on this ongoing issue at https://medium.com/metamask/new-phishing-strategy-becoming-common-1b1123837168.



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