[EN] The First Crowdfunding Completion Announcement from Cube Chain


How are you doing, Cube Chain Supporters!

This is Cube Chain.


Thank you to everyone who participated in Cube Chain Crowdfunding.

It is our pleasure to inform you of the current situation in which the 1st Crowdfunding is ended. As of now, we have been informed that the influential enterprises and institutions from both domestic and overseas are interested in participating in Cube Chain Crowdfunding as well and the progress is under the review. Once these enterprise and institution are decided to participate in Crowdfunding, we will end with the achievement of total hardcap. In addition, due to this progress, we plan to announce after September 10th whether the 2nd Crowdfunding is going on and the progress plans (including the token distribution) for the current participants. Therefore, those who participated in the 1st crowdfunding will be kindly requested to wait for an announcement. We always thank you for the continuous support for us.


Cube Chain Team on 16th August 2018