[EN] You will soon be able to use Cube Chat.


Hello Cube Chainers

To all those that trust in Cube Chain, that still believe and have patiently waited we are grateful.

We think Cube Chain will give you good news.

Now Cube Chain team is preparing to be listed on several international exchanges. We are experiencing a recession in the world of cryptocurrency markets, but we will work diligently to ensure that satisfactory listing takes place.


Cube Chat, a business model with Cube Chain, will soon be available. It is a chat program of OJ World that has already been introduced to newspaper articles. Cube Chain partner OJ World last month signed a service and operation agreement with a group called Tosan . Next week, the Tosan Group of oversea will visit Korea and visit OJ World and Cube Chain R&D Center. The 5th generation messenger platform, developed by OJ World, OJ World is poised to enhance the digital lifestyle in every daily life by developing a digital ecosystem together with overseas companies.


The business model with Cube Chain Cube Chat will show up a simple payment ‘QR Pay service’ which is connected to Tosan Group’s bank network.


Meanwhile, the Middle East Countries government is preparing for the issuance of cryptography as a countermeasure against US economic sanctions and said it will allow virtual currency exploitation as an industry. Is this the prospect that applications with Cube Chain can be used more actively?


We will inform you soon about OJ World chatting platform Cube Chat and news of listing.


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