[EN]Cube System Met “TOSAN” for Blockchain Technology Seminar and Business Development


Cube System Met “TOSAN” for Blockchain Technology Seminar and Business Development

Cube System (CEO Kim Dong Oh) recently met TOSAN and held a briefing session on its blockchain technology ‘Cube Chain’ and exchange technology system.

TOSAN is a provider of banking solutions to more than 84 local banks. According to Cube System, TOSAN executives visited Cube System R&D Center to see the potential of blockchain technology to enter the global market and attract capital. Cube System developed the next generation Blockchain technology ‘Cube Chain.’

Cube Chain is a technology with improved TPS (processing speed) and block creation time. Using the unique algorithms and special blocks, It enables to search and access the blocks rapidly, the overall block size does not affect the processing speed even if the whole block size is large.

TOSAN CEO Valialla Fatemi, ARAD TADBIR representative Arassh Babaei and director Majid Abdollahkhani attended the event. “TOSAN visited Cube System to find messaging-based E-commerce platform and Blockchain technology payment system in the Middle East.”

The official said, “TOSAN’s visit to Cube System is the first step toward moving Korean blockchain technology to the global market.” TOSAN executives showed a lot of interest in the technology of Cube Chain and the technology of cryptocurrency exchange as well. ”

Besides, TOSAN has signed MOU with OJWORLD (CEO Seo Chul-Wook), the developer of the next-generation messenger ‘Weegle’ equipped with Cube Chain.

Cube System is applying its Blockchain technology to Weegle Messenger and also planning to do airdrop QUB which is the token name of Cube Chain to new Weegle members. The official said “QUB will be listed on leading foreign exchanges this year and we will create a new ecosystem with token economy.


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