[KR] 큐브월렛을 체험해보세요!


Greetings! This is Team Cube Chain.


Following the launch of our test net, we opened Cube Chain’s exclusive wallet site, Cube Wallet.

Cube Wallet provides not only basic transfer and management of assets like other wallet sites but also tokens’ creation, transfer, and management. It also has various functions like Escrow, Coupon generation, API, Address book, Message management, ETC.

Cube Wallet’s account can be created with your email address. Your account can be loaded with your created wallet address or your email.



It is fun to check the symbol colors of Cube images created randomly when creating wallets.

During the testing period, your can charge QUB for free (only available in the test net server). Experience and enjoy all kinds of functions such as transfer, Escrow, coupon generation, and so on.




Cube Chain’s Wallet experience will be open until 21st May 11AM (Korean Standard Time).
The link will be closed after that.
Be quick and do not lose this opportunity to experience Cube Wallet’s performances before our Mainnet open!


Click on above link to get to our wallet site!


Thank you.