[EN] Cube System’s Cube Chain Technical Copyright and Trademark Registration.


Cube Chain recently had completed the copyright registration from Korea Copyright Commission and the trademark registration from Korean Intellectual Property Office.


Cube System, which has completed the copyright registration of Cube Chain and Cube Chain Management Program from Korea Copyright Commission, is trying to present the All-in-One Platform utilizing Cube Chain. That is the plan of presenting the P2P transaction platform that guarantees as if product quality or genuine product or ONE ID service, which stores ID assigned to individuals in Cube Chain such as My Number in Japan and managers the system by linking various services based on this service.



Recently, the Middle East government is promoting “Cube Chat” messenger using Cube Chain. When Cube Chat is implemented, “Cube Chain” brand of Cube System is expected to shine more brightly.


The Trademark Registration for Cube Chain is as follows.


1. Software Development Business related Virtual Currency

2. Electronic Commerce Software Management Business

3. E-commerce Website Management Business

4. E-commerce Internet Platform Construction Business,

5. Computer Database Design Business

6. Computer Software Development Business,

7. Electronic Data Security System Design and Development Business

8. Blockchain-based Internet Platform Development Business.

9. Blockchain- based Prediction Program Development Business,

10. Blockchain- based E-commerce Software Development Business,

11. Blockchain- based Software Development Business,

12. Blockchain- based New Conceptual Software Development Business

13.Block Chain Based Financial Computer System Development,

14.Online Blockchain Software Service Business



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