[EN] Announcement of Cube Chain listing on Exchange!




Announcement of Cube Chain listing on Exchange!

  1. Cube Chain will be listed on ETH market at a global exchange – OEX



OEX is one of top 20 a global exchanges listed at Coinmarketcap. Cube Chain will be on the ETH market first and will be on BTC/USDT markets in the future sequentially.


Date: 3rd March.2019 12:00(KST)

Withdraw : 5th March 2019 12:00(KST)


  1. Additional exchanges


We are putting all our effort to get to the best result.

We are preparing for additional exchanges to list QUB that would hopefully satisfy all.

Updates on additional exchanges will be announced soon.


  1. Cube Chain Business status


Cube Chain is working on various projects now.

1) The global touch-commerce and live-chat messenger Weegle has been released and currently working on raising users around Middle-East Asia up to 500,000 users.

 Weegle is working with TOSAN group, the TOP banking solution company in overseas.

2) Cube Medical, one of Cube Chain’s affiliates, received approval from the government for official R&D institute. Cube Medical has been working on a government task “R&D of Multiplex PCR Kit for hair loss gene analysis and development of prototype of product for hair loss treatment” in cooperation with Sungshin Women’s University. Satisfying result is expected.

3) Currently, ASIC USB type Mining device is on Pre-sale event. In this event, the total amount of 2,000 units are available. Per one purchase, 5,000 QUB will be given.

4) For further information and details, please check our Road Map.

Thank you.