[EN] Cube Chain X CLET Bounty Airdrop



Hello, This is Cube Chain Team.

Cube Chain bounty event is ongoing from Jan. 7th to Feb. 7th in CLET. Cube Chain bounty event is an event that pays you 500QUB  after signing up Cube Chain at https://www.cubechain.io/


Date: From 7th Jan to the first-comes-first-served

Event Reward: 500QUB Airdrop


How to Participate:


  1.  Complete the sign up and authentication of Cube Chain.

** CAUTION: After signing up, you must proceed to 2 levels of authentication. (E-mail Authentication -> OTP Authentication)

     2.   Enter the code from Cube Chain homepage into CLET.

* Check the code at My Page for Cube Chain New Comers.

**Enter the code into CLET banner, and the event participation is complete. 500QUB will be given to your Cube Chain Wallet after the sign-up process is identified.



* There is no need for KYC in the airdrop
* You can find CLET app at App store or Google Play store.
*QUB will be distributed after the airdrop and would be announced here when distribution starts, please don’t ask about not seeing QUB in Clet or your wallet.
*This airdrop is for new members registering on our website and that old member already signed onto the website are not eligible for this airdrop
* If you have any questions, feel free talk to us, BUT please clarify your question.