[EN] Businessmen from Shanxi provinces in China will visit to Korea.


Businessmen from Shanxi provinces in China will visit Gumi and Daegu for two nights and three days from November 12 to 14 to find ways to exchange and cooperate with Korean companies.

Approximately 30 people led by Rikang President of Shanxi Provincial Economic Promotion Association (Businessmen’s Association) will arrive in Seoul on the 11th by invitation of the 21st-century Korea-China Exchange Association. After visiting Gumi the next day and visiting Samsung Electronics’ Gumi Factory, Gumi City will hold an investment environment briefing session with local business people attending at the hotel.

On the 11th, they will hear the special lecture of the CEO of Oh Jung-geun, CEO of Financial ICT convergence and Society and Kim Dong-oh, CEO of Cube System at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul and the group will also hold a question-and-answer session. The main themes are ‘Korea’s Blockchain, Industrial Trends and Korea’s Foreign Investment Program’ and ‘Introduction of Cube Chain’

Businessmen belonging to Shaanxi Provincial Economic Promotion Association are engaged in various fields of business such as inorganic chemicals, steel, metal, software development, real estate, investment, and liquor.

The visit is sponsored by the Foreign Ministry and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province.


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