[EN] Performance of the Japan Block Chain Conference.



Hello from Cube Chain Team.

The blockchain conference in Tokyo, Japan, was successful in late June.

The conference introduced Cube Chain, a 4th generation blockchain technology, to both individuals and businesses participating in the Tokyo conference, and the speech on the technology and services of Cube Chain was made in the morning. Since then, the exhibition was held to explain Cube Chain.




Cube Chain is evolving every time we introduce it to you.
To provide a safer and more convenient e-commerce solution, we suggest five service applications in Cube Chain.

OneID, Cube Chain Product, CubeChat, ASM :

These five services are services that let you know how a cube chain will be used for e-commerce.



Cube Chain technology and five service models attracted a great deal of attention from participants.

From the general observers to the leaders of the blockchain group, investors, developers, and so on, Cube Chain Team explained about Cube Chain while saving the time for rest. Thanks to the interest shown by many people, the brochure that we prepared were low that we could not deliver it anymore. Currently, Cube Chain is being discussed by investors from large corporations that are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

We will become Cube Chain team that works harder!

Thank you for your warm support.




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