[EN] Cube Chain MTN broadcast Blockchain Insight interview shoot



Hello from Cube Chain.

It is a Communication team of  Cube Chain which is promoting hard at home and abroad.

Last week we had the biggest news group in Korea and we had interviews with MTN.


As the world faces the 4th industrial revolution, we are looking at a blockchain called core technology.

The blockchain will change the paradigm of our society beyond the function of cryptocurrency, which is simply regarded as an object of investment. In order to prepare for the era of blockchain that will be welcomed in the future, Block Chain Insight, which deals with interviews and corporate stories of celebrity blockbusters from around the world,


We appeared in “Block Chain Insight” which is broadcasted every Thursday night.


And we talked about the technology of Cube Chain in the <Block Chain Picks> corner, which talked about the company’s story and possession technology together with promising domestic and overseas blockchain companies.


July 12th Thursday night 6:30 am to 7:30 pm  MTN Broadcasting, you can watch an interview of CEO Kim Dong-oh!





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