[EN]  Cube Systems invests equity in Enber and applies Cube Chain         


Issuing proven digital vouchers with business models and investing in trading companies.





Hello From Cube Chain.

Our Cube Chain recently signed a big business contract.

We have invested in ENBER, a so-called Dark Horse in the digital gift certificate issue and gift certificate transaction service area, and issued a digital gift certificate, and decided to apply Cube Chain among them!

As a result, we have strengthened our position as a Cube Chain in the field of E-commerce based on blockchain.


Cube System (CEO Kim Dong-oh) signed a contract with ENBER (CEO Lee Kwang-yong), a company specializing in digital gift certificate issuance and gift certificate trading services, to apply equity investment and Cube Chain to the entire service business area of ENBER.

Therefore, by applying Cube Chain to ENBER, which sells the star-balloon mobile exchange ticket of Afreeca TV in the open market.

We will share the global rights and profits of the pipeline in the future.



ENBER has a platform to build a customer’s shopping mall and provide intermediary solutions for trading

It is known as a dark horse corporation in the e-commerce sector, which mainly engages in the issuance and trading of digital gift certificates for corporate marketing.

ENBER’s CUCUDAS app is a gift transaction service for individuals and businesses that can help individuals trade securely and securely with mobile vouchers and gift certificates. CUS CHAT ‘which can be sold only by the user who has been authenticated by himself, and can charge the mileage and 1: 1 conversation between the seller and the buyer by transaction, so that they can deal with the gift certificate with confidence and easily.



Cube Chain innovatively improves TPS processing speed and block creation time by simultaneously generating blocks from 24 transaction pools. We are also evaluating it as a next-generation blockchain technology with a unique algorithm that quickly accesses blocks without affecting processing speed even if the total block size is increased by using special blocks.


Cube Chain will be a very important position in digital transactions such as gift certificates because it is a technology that can securely prove transactions with users based on the rapid processing of large volumes of data that can not be found in existing block chain technology and double encryption.


In E-commerce, proof of the identity of online traders and the authenticity of the merchandise are the most important items.

It is important that the application of the new blockchain technology, Cube Chain, enables faster and safer transactions between users.




Please look forward to the future of Cube Chain and ENBER!

Cube Chain X ENBER Conventions news articles can be found at the link below!