[EN] The Great Interests to 2018 Blockchain Summit in London



Hello from Cube Chain.

Cube Chain Team participated in Blockchain Summit London 2018 on 26th-27th of June. It is the largest dedicated Blockchain Event in Europe. This conference is connecting over 2,500 industry leaders, business decision-makers, tech innovators.


We have talked about Blockchain for E-commerce, this presentation contained five service models and the explanation of Cube Chain and why it is called as the 4th generation blockchain. In Olympia, London, many attendees were interested in the distinctive features of Cube Chain and especially the algorithms.


Cube Chain does not run a single transaction pool but 24 transaction pools at the same time. This is the reason the transaction speed of Cube Chain is much faster due to special blocks than the existing blockchain. Through this opportunity, Cube Chain has been widely known to the European blockchain market. And this day Cube Chain will be a big part of the blockchain industry.




On the first day of the summit, there was a presentation from Cube Chain Team. Many people came to listen and gave us the attention about Cube Chain services model and unique technologies. After the presentation, Cube Chain booth was filled with questions and collaboration suggestions. The meeting continued until the door was closed, and it became precious time to publicize the technology of Cube Chain in blockchain market of Europe.


Thank you for your continuous support.

Now Cube Chain team is leaving from London and heading to Block Co+ Conference in Japan.

Cube Chain Team is hoping to see you in Tokyo, Japan!


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