Starting from this listing, Cubechain will issue a new ERC20 token – QUBT for trading on exchanges.


To protect and raise the value of our precious holders’ asset,  Cubechain will limit the amount of QUBT moving to exchanges.

  • Swap application is available once a week. (Mon 00:00 ~ Sun 23:59 UTC)
  • Max swap amount is 9.5% of each account’s available balance.

** SWAP details

  1. SWAP application submit : From 2020.01.13. (Mon 00:00 ~ Sun 23:59 UTC)
  2. SWAP distribution : From 2020.01.20, every Monday after 00:01 UTC (may take little longer if there are too many requests)
  3. SWAP max amount : 9.5% of each account’s available balance / once a week
    example) Available balance : 1,000,000 QUB
    1st apply during 2020 Jan 13th ~ Jan 19 – max amount 95,000 QUB
    (1,000,000 * 0.095 = 95,000 / 905,000 QUB remaining)
    2nd apply during 2020 Jan 20th ~ Jan 26th – max amount 85,975 QUB
    (905,000 * 0.095 = 85,975 / 819,025 QUB remaining)



  • How to Swap video instruction is uploaded on youtube!


Below is how to Swap QUBT with QUB.


  1. Select withdrawal wallet
  2. Enter the amount to swap
  3. Enter Ethereum address to receive swapped QUBT and then click on ‘Send’
  4. Check withdrawal information
  5. Enter your private key or use your Key file and then click on ‘Send’
  6. Application complete

Completed application can be checked at ‘QUBT swap history’

  1. Select the wallet which you applied for the swap
  2. Check the date, address, and amount you applied
  3. If it shows ‘Swap Complete’, go to your Ethereum wallet and check the QUBT.



  1. Go to QUBT to QUB swap menu
  2. Check the issued QUBT deposit address and copy (click on the copy icon next to the address)
  3. Transfer the amount of QUBT from your Eth wallet to issued QUBT deposit address.
  4. Check for the application status at the QUBT deposit history
  5. When the transfer is complete, select the deposited item and click on Swap button
  6. Select the wallet address to receive QUB
  7. Check the swap amount and fees and then click on Submit
  8. Check the status at QUB swap histroy



For further inquiries, please contact us at help@cubechain.io