[EN] Notice of End of Support for Old ERC20-Cube Chain Mainnet Swap


Hello. This is Cube Chain Team.

CubeChain has supported the exchange of CubeChain mainnet coins from the old ERC20 for a considerable period of time since the launch of the mainnet. Most of the users have already done the swap, but for those who haven’t done it yet, we’ll guide you through the last swappable period.

Period: Until March 31, 2022 (UTC23:59)

swap method : https://www.cubechain.io/qub_swaping_landing

For the old ERC20 tokens you have in your personal wallet, please proceed with the token swap according to the date of the support period.

– Swap to mainnet coin will not proceed after the token swap period has elapsed.

– The token swap is not supported under any circumstances other than the above swap support period, and Cube Chain is not responsible for any changes in the asset value of non-swap tokens.

If you have any other questions, please contact help@cubechain.io or telegram @cubeCM.

thank you.