[EN] Updates for Pre-sale Participants


Dear. Pre-sale participants
First of all, I sincerely thank all of you who have believed in us and participated in the pre-sale, and I deeply apologize for not delivering the updated information on time. Currently, Cube Chain is preparing for technology development of engine, service platform, and crowdfunding. This is what we have prepared so far and what to do next.

  1. Pre-sale: November 2017 to Present
  2. Established Cube Medical Co., Ltd. in January 2018 (Korea) – Cube Medical is a medical information system, genetic analysis development, and gene research company, and provides new medical information system solution in cooperation with future Cube Chain.
  3. Partnership with US corporation in February 2018 (USA) – Cube Chain Signed a partnership with a company that has developed a financial trading system for 20 years called Fine Tech Inc. in Chicago, USA. We are supported by global promotions and technology development though the partnership.
  4. Started developing new service platform in February 2018.
  5. Cube chain members are added (development team members and advisors)


AI service Manager

With AI and Big Data, ‘ASM’ acts as an intelligence agent that can replace the current enterprise call center. Cube Chain is a technology that can make smart contracts and have an escrow function so it can provide customers specific information and transactions.


‘Cubechat’ is a messenger-based platform that enables a variety of transactions between individuals including corporations. There are functions such as LIVE chat, messenger, P2P payment and wallet service. It will make people buy and sell their products or contents with this service.

We have the specific plan for these platforms and have concluded an agreement with the group company.


Important notifications

  1. Website renewal will be done on April 2nd, 2018 – The contents of our service platforms will be added.
  2. ICO launch in April 2018 – The exact schedule will be announced on the official site after the website renewal in April 2nd, 2018.
  3. Cube Chain Token Distribution on May 2018 – In the existing roadmap, we were supposed to distribute QUB right after the creation of Genesis block in June. However, since Cube Chain is developed as the new technology, there are technical difficulties and delays when listing on the exchange. Considering the fact, we decided to distribute Cube Chain Token first after ICO is completed. With this plan, Cube Chain Token will become more known and when the token is traded on the exchange, 1:1 exchange with Cube Chain (QUB) will be carried out. The exchange time from Cube Chain Token to QUB is scheduled in September 2018.


We appreciate your support and we will do our best to make Cube Chain more known and available soon.



Cube Chain Team



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