[EN] Cube System has decided incorporate OJWorld as an affiliated company.


Cube System (CEO Dongoh Kim) has decided to incorporate messenger-based service company OJWorld (CEO Chulwook Seo) as an affiliated company and proceed with a new blockchain based messenger through mutual agreement.  Cube System creates blockchain ecosystem and applies the existing centralized social media to its fourth-generation block chain technology, “Cube Chain.” “We will develop a social blockchain service with the goal of making money back to the creator who created good content in the near future.”

It will be a global social blockchain service company, expanding its business scope by messenger market place where participants can directly deal with contents without fees and intermidiaries, and AI chat-bot service based on blockchain. Dongoh Kim, CEO of Cube System, said, “It will make synergy in cooperation with blockchain technology and messenger platform for P2P transactions in SNS / content business environment.” ” I will spread to the world while serving the middle east. “

Cube System is a 4th generation blockchain technology ‘Cube Chain’ for two years. Cube Chain is convenient to use as an information system database by shortening the time to create and access a block by applying a unique algorithm that loads existing blockchain structures in multiple ways and creates and accesses them in parallel.

“Our Messenger Weegle is a next-generation personal media service platform that can share and service broadcasts and videos on the platform in real-time, like YouTube and Africa TV,” said Seo Chul-wook, CEO of OJWorld.






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