[EN] Korea Society for Internet Information Awarded Korea Internet Technology to “Cube Chain”


Cube Chain Won !

Cube Chain brought people’s attention by participating in the Seoul Blockchain Summit last month and received this year`s Korea Internet Information Society`s Korea Internet Technology award.

Before winning the prize, I would like to talk about Cube Chain and novel network service (SNS), and it was announced by Kim, Dong-Ho, the CEO of Cube System.

Cube Chain , called 4th Generation blockchain Technology, is not the traditional block chain connection that’s connected in chronological order. A technology that allows you to search and update multiple ways to connect and create blocks in parallel.

It solved the speed problem with the existing block chain. It will be one of the biggest differences.

The speed of the transaction is approximately 30 times the speed of the bit coin and 4 times the speed of this transaction. Based on these innovative blockchain technologies, Korea Internet Information Association ‘s annual Korea Internet Technology Prize cube chain.

Every year, the technologies that are expected to impact the company’s IT strategy or the technology and products that are recognized for their contribution to the Internet and the development of the fourth industrial sector will be awarded this prize after the judges’ careful review!

Cube Chain is so powerful that it can be called the next generation of blockchain technologies.

It has superior speed and data throughput compared to other blockchains, so we won the Korea Internet Technology Award!

It’s even more likely that the Cube Chain will prove its value in the future in social network services.




If you want to receive information faster about Cube Chain , please go to the official channel of the Telegram Cube Chain. You can also ask questions!





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