[EN] New announcement of Crowdfunding.


Hello from Cube Chain!

The crowdfunding of Cube Chain starts on June 30th 


In order to participate in crowdfundfunding, you must sign up for Cube Chain website and register your Ethernet wallet address.
KYC certificate can be registered on My Page after you join Cube Chain website.

QUB tokens can be received after KYC certification is completed.




1st June 30th – August 15th (1ETH=8000QUB)

2st August 20th – October 5th (1ETH=7200QUB)


Please note:
Your Ethereum must be transferred from the registered EtherWallet which must be capable of receiving ERC 20 tokens. Please note that you won
t be able to receive QUB if you use the crypto exchange wallet. This is really important issues that’s why we keep requesting repeatedly.

Please refer to the link below for how to complete KYC and register to Cube Chain :

If you have any question, please feel free to us through :
help@cubechain.io, https://t.me/cubechain

Thank you so much for your cooperation.
Cube Chain Team

Official Site     : http://cubechain.io

YouTube          : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDEC2HP8oVRXuKsAeUtrLA

Telegram         : https://t.me/cubechain

Facebook         : https://www.facebook.com/cubechain

Twitter             : https://www.twitter.com/cube_chain

Github:            https://github.com/cubechainofficial/CubeChain