[EN] Specific Structure of Cube Chain – Service Big Data


Service Big Data – Bigdata Collecting and processing procedures for services

The data for using service is collected from the service opening. Difficulties managing big data at first are collecting original data such as transaction, log, and mobile devices. CubeON big data layer can make the process carried out by step, and the developer can collect various data at any speed.

All big data of CubeON can store pre and post implemented data. It is necessary to have a durability repository for safe and extending functions. Following that a temporary store for data transmission based on a particular request

The candidates for big data, Social Data and Enterprise Data, are transformed into a form that can be used in a raw state. They are usually used by sorting, aggregation and joins, can perform advanced functions and algorithms. The resulting data set is then stored for further processing or provided for using through business intelligence and data visualization tools.

The core of big data is to receive the trustworthy and practical insight in data property. To provide data directly to users is the best by business intelligence and data visualization tools which can figure out sets of data easily and quickly. Based on the analytical category, users can use on outcome data in statistic prediction category in case of prediction analysis or recommendation category in case of normative analysis.



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