[EN] Specific Structure – Cube Chain Social Blockchain Service


CubeON is established on the 4th generation blockchain platform. Tokens will be grant to participants automatically as much as the role and effort. Moreover, all the transactions and the business regulations such as wage will be publicly opened publicly transparently. Decisions will be applied automatically based the discussion and election of participants.

Cube Chain aims to connect the optional servers into one network for setting up one computer clouding and to perform a smart contract conveniently. The smart contract is an implementing program that coins will be distributed to relevant participants in a particular condition. After Smart contracts of ASM and CubeChat are made, CubeON will provide Cube Chain(QUB) to participants. All the processes are implemented and verified by the service regulation automatically.

Cube Chain uses the cryptocurrency, called Cube Chain(QUB) for performing smart contract automatically. On Cube Chain, users have to use Cube Chain (QUB) creating the contract. The provided Cube Chain (QUB) will be given to participants depending on the effort of individuals or companies

Users can enjoy content by the smart contract which enables to ensure and trade digital copyright such as music, videos, and webtoons with QUB.

QUB which using on purchase will be transferred to the author directly based on the contract and the regulation in advance automatically. Any individuals or organizations such as copyright company or agency will not be able to intervene in transactions. Business regulations are so transparent and secure that any corruptions can happen in the whole process.


Official Site:     http://cubechain.io

Whitepaper:     http://cubechain.info/assets/file/Technical-White-Paper_EN.pdf

YouTube:          https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDEC2HP8oVRXuKsAeUtrLA

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/cubechain

Twitter:            https://www.twitter.com/cube_chain

Github:            https://github.com/cubechainofficial/CubeChain

Blog:               https://cubechainblog.com

ANN:               https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3754152.new#new