[EN] Systematic Management Data Service by CubeON



CubeON data management regulation defines effectively the security plan for necessary data like data collecting plan, data operating system based on the vision and goal of individuals and company. By establishing data management regulation, CubeON secures the data matching to organization’s vision and goal builds the management system and normative regulation to provide customer services stable.

In addition, it enables the management of the data consistently by utilizing a decision of data. The policy of data management is not a routine and repetitive activities so it makes sure that the policy performs the management activities appropriately, rather than managing the process.


CubeON uses the service data framework to gather as much data that is needed for CubeON from possible data storage. Moreover, it establishes the interworking plan with the RDBMS existing data is stored. It also incarnates interoperation with the existing system effectively.




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