[EN] Only one registration, only one ID, Cube Chain OneID service



Hello from Cube Chain.

This is a story about OneID service of Cube Chain.


What do you think about was the most annoying thing about using the Internet service? One of them will be in the process of creating a new ID and authenticating each time you sign up for each service (website).


In fact, 93% of users prefer social sign-in. Social login is easy to log-in by using the information of the social community that you are already subscribed to. However, when your ID and password are hacked, there is a serious security problem that can easily be hacked to the personal information of other connected application services.



However, based on Cube Chain, which is a next-generation blockchain, the OneID Service is more securely protected by the multi hash of only Cube Chain, thus safely protecting the user’s information.


The details of the report can be found on the Digital Journal website below!









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