[EN] What is Cube Chain?


What is Cube Chain?

Hello you all.

I want to tell you about Cube Chain at this posting.
Have you heard about Cube Chain and do you know what it is?

Everybody knows that what blockchain is. (If you are interested blockchain)
I’ll tell you blockchain a very simple way.


The blockchain is a “proof”.


How do I prove that what I possess is really mine? Blockchain started with this simple thought, but profound question.
So it is the blockchain that network participants monitor and store all transactions.

The blockchain is made up of blocks that are created in order of time. Getting here is effortless. The blockchain is a breakthrough and essential technology as it is called the core technology of the 4th industrial revolution. But there is a technical limit to the blockchain.
Since the blocks created in order of time are arranged in a line, the larger the total data size, the slower the process of retrieving or loading data.

So, Cube Chain proposes a NEXT Blockchain around the world.


Cube Chain is a new Blockchain technology. Cube Chain is created one cube with 27 blocks with 4th Generation blockchain technology that connects cubes and cubes. Cube Chain uses the concept of a cube instead of a block. By combining parallel processing and special blocks to extend the functional elements of the database, you can achieve unprecedented throughput and data collection capabilities.

A blockchain creates only one data block at a time, and each block has only one hash value. As the data accumulates the processing time will be increased. In other words, it was slow down.
If we compare chain to a road, blockchain is like an old road only one lane. Cube Chain is essentially a superhighway with 24 lanes which quite fast, and it can carry many more data.

Cube Chain makes a cube consisting of 27 blocks at a time, they are multi-cluster, and each cube contains four hash values.
A blockchain has one hash value. If we compare to door-lock, blockchain is got only one door-lock, but Cube Chain has four hash values, so we can say it has four door-locks which we can expect a higher level of security.

So, we dare say that Cube Chain is,
More efficient with faster and safer blockchain technology.

When I tried to talk about Cube Chain, it got longer! I will tell you more concisely about what difference Cube Chain has over an existing blockchain next time.



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