[EN] Why can Cube Chain be a sure solution for e-commerce?


Cube Chain & E-commerce


In the e-commerce industry, many transactions and data processing are essential for various services. As a result, the blockchain is considered to be a crucial technology for fast and secure e-commerce in that all network participants share transaction details. But as the number of total data increases, the word ‘fast’ becomes a question.

However, Cube Chain has the technology to overcome the technical limitations of the existing blockchain and to handle various services of the e-commerce industry quickly and safely.

The cubing technology that combines 24 data blocks and 3 special blocks into one cube is the unique technology that Cube Chain has. Also, 3 special blocks contain data indexing, statistical processing, and escrow functions to manage data more effectively. This is a technical feature of Cube Chain that can process many e-commerce services quickly.


In addition, the multi-pattern block technology, the use of four hash functions, and double-approval promise more secure data processing.


Cube Chain, therefore, offers five solutions for fast and secure e-commerce.


Login system for personal information and customer convenience: OneID

Product history management and online, offline affiliate establishment system: Cube Chain Product

Blockchain-based social network service: Cube Open Network

Marketplace Messenger that enables secure P2P transaction: CubeChat

AI-type agent replacing the company’s existing call center: ASM


Let’s talk a little more about the five solutions next time!

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