[EN] Quantum Computer Resistance and Cube Chain.


Hello Everyone.


Today I am going to talk about quantum computer resistance.

A quantum computer, called “the computer of dreams,” is getting closer to the real world.

However, it is also true that the performance is good and I am afraid of the hacking power of the quantum computer.


A hash function used in a blockchain can reverse a particular hash by random iteration; however: these search methods are time-consuming.

In most cases, there is no doubt about the safety of the blockchain; however: very fast computations of quantum computers are a threat to systems using hash functions.

No matter how fast a quantum computer processes, it is predicted that threats to the entire blockchain system will not happen for a while, because of the diversity of data.

In particular, Cube Chain uses a more robust hash technique than a regular blockchain.

Cube Chain uses four hash algorithms, linking them in three chains, and creating a single cube using a total of 55 hash functions.

Even if you unpack a few at a fast pace, you will have to untie all 55 steps.

Furthermore, unpacking one hash function method four times and solving the four methods one by one is the same in frequency, but the time it takes to solve it can be very different.

Because of this structure, Cube Chain does not only produce 55 times the difficulty of the existing blockchain, but also increases the difficulty due to the block pattern relationship, the pattern type, and four different algorithms.

If you only have to solve the hash function through random iteration, Cube Chain will be a much more difficult process than time, difficulty, complexity, etc.

Therefore, Cube Chain is superior to other blockchains regarding safety when a quantum computer comes out, and the value of a Cube Chain will be enhanced when all blockchains and social systems are threatened.





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