[EN] Is my information securely protected?


The five e-commerce solutions Cube Chain offers,

Let’s talk about the first series, OneID service.

OneID is a login authentication platform built on a Cube CHain that protects user information.


What do you think about was the most annoying thing about using the Internet service? One of them will be in the process of creating a new ID and authenticating each time you sign up for each service (website).


In fact, 93% of users prefer social sign-in. Social login is easy to log-in by using the information of the social community that you are already subscribed to. However, when your ID and password are hacked, there is a serious security problem that can easily be hacked to the personal information of other connected application services.


At the time of the US presidential election, a considerable amount of personal information on Facebook was transferred to Trump presidential Candidate Camp for personal strategy at the time. This is a problem of social network services. Personal information is stored on the server, and the personal information on the server is used without permission.


Cube Chain is proposing OneID service based on Cube Chain for more secure use of SNS and e-commerce.

When the user logs in, he or she accesses Cube Chain and authenticates. When using personal information, it is one of the systems that use the OneID service. The simplest personal unique information needed at the time of login is stored as a hash value in the OneID service pool, and the most sensitive information (home address, card number, etc.) is stored in the Node without being stored in the server.


OneID created by this service supports just use one ID from Cube Chain Service Group (Cube Chain Product, CubeON, CubeChat, ASM). Of course, OneID service is not for Cube Chain service group only. This service will be provided as an open API. You can support OneID login authentication in various services that will be implemented as a Cube Chain based. In addition, we provide stability and reliability through real-time authentication system construction, data validation, fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, and vein recognition.


It’s as convenient as social sign-in, but it promises a safer e-commerce solution with the OneID service, which is more secure with Cube Chain.



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