[EN]How do you prove whether the goods is genuine or not?


Cube Chain Offers Five Solutions for Secure E-Commerce – The Second part



The blockchain is one of the innovative technologies that demonstrate the integrity of the trade books, the ledger. The data blocks in the chain are propagated and verified to all network participants in real time, ensuring the reliability of the data without requiring a separate verification authority.

Therefore, the integrity of the blockchain is considered suitable for managing the production and distribution history of any product.



Have you ever tried any other way to buy a little more inexpensive when purchasing a certain high-quality item? There are many ways to distribute goods. It’s cheaper to have a reseller store than a direct store operated by the headquarter. There are also ways to use second-hand-goods. However, if you purchase any good as a route without proper authorization from the headquarter, you will suspect whether this product is good or not. How can we buy authentic products more safely and cheaply? Based on these concerns, Cube Chain Team came up with a Cube Chain Product service.


Cube Chain Product provides a way to store the product information and purchase history in Cube Chain when selling the original at the first merchant. If you put product information and sales information on the place of purchase in Cube Chain, the next user provides authenticated information about the product in Cube Chain when reselling. We also offer transactions through Cube Chain Coin (QUB) by providing a Cube Chain based marketplace where you can resell your users.

In addition to activation, a merchant’s payment guarantee will allow for secure transactions and will build a P2P trading and activation platform. Watch for a more transparent and secure marketplace service!



  • The secure and free-direct transaction with Escrow block’s proprietary functions.
  • Items in the original certificate, transaction statement, and place purchase can be verified.
  • Easy to pay with Cube Chain(QUB) and an electronic wallet.
  • Both physical and coupon deals are available.
  • POS server for each merchant, product information through affiliate card link, and purchase detail registration on Cube Chain.
  • Wire / Wireless network communication.
  • Provides product trade reliability and security.


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