[EN] Did you ever think that you can sell things by messenger?


Did you ever think that you could sell goods by messenger? Of course, private transactions are possible, but secure transactions would have been difficult. But if Messenger supports wallet or billing, that’s another story.


Cube Chat is a marketplace platform where you can trade pure content without brokers.

Using the wallet, coin, ledger and escrow functions of Cube Chain to ensure secure P2P transactions. Creators can use their live broadcasts or messenger features to introduce their own content, promote and sell their products.

In addition, it is delivered safely and promptly using exclusive courier company certified by Cube Chain. Cube Chat is an innovative marketplace service that connects merchants and consumers directly without brokers and helps to promote and deal with offline content as well as online content.


Messenger function

Easy and quick sharing of content

Various P2P trades.

New concept Market Place

Safe payment thorough Cube Chain (QUB)

A delivery system in conjunction with carrier

Real-time, 365-days responses utilizing proprietary ASM


Official Site     : http://cubechain.io

YouTube          : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDEC2HP8oVRXuKsAeUtrLA

Telegram         : https://t.me/cubechain

Facebook         : https://www.facebook.com/cubechain

Twitter             : https://www.twitter.com/cube_chain

Github:            https://github.com/cubechainofficial/CubeChain

Medium:         https://medium.com/@cubechainio