[EN] If the call center is commercializing AI can do some things?



ASM (AI Service Manager)  

Artificial intelligence has been transformed through a long period of stagnation, with the rapid development of the cloud computing environment and the dramatic breakthrough in which deep data is backed up by big data. Artificial intelligence, along with blockchain, is one of the key elements of the fourth industry.

Artificial intelligence has already been used in many aspects of our lives. Voice recognition information retrieval system in a mobile phone is a representative example.

Cube Chain’s proposed ASM is an AI call center service platform for enterprises. It is a chatbot type service that combines AI, Big Data, and Cube Chain technology to deliver the information that customers need in real time. It combines a large number of conversation data accumulated in Big Data and algorithms that analyze user’s conversation patterns and rules with machine learning / deep learning technology to show customized answers to customers. By using the ASM platform, companies can reduce the cost of building call centers and increase their efficiency. It also combines escrow and wallet services with data forgery prevention features of Cube Chain, enabling real-time smart reservations. ASM is an enterprise smart agent that saves long latency and satisfies both business and customers with fast and accurate processing.


Q&A AL Response Services

Real-time scheduling, changing

24/7 Responses

Build Big data for your own business

Improve answers by using Machine Learning

Reduce call center costs and streamline business

Reward Cube Chain service tokens to users



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