[EN] How to use CUBEMINER Mining Pool Version


CUBEMINER Mining Pool Version allows you to access Cube Chain Mining Pool and participate in POW by using your PC’s hash power only without downloading any ledger data into your PC. To start Mining Pool Version, your need to create your account and Miner ID at https://miningsystem.io. You can create multiple Workers with one Miner ID and distribute high hash power using multiple mining devices. Mining reward will be given according to your hash power distribution.

[Mining with CUBEMINER Mining Pool Version]

  1. To activate Mining Pool Version, your Cube Chain Wallet address is required.
    Go to https://cubechainwallet.io, sign up, and create a wallet.

Click on Miner on the left of your screen to check your Miner ID.

  1.  Go to https://cubechain.io/download_center and download CUBEMINER integrative mining program.

3. Run the installed CUBEMINER integrative mining program

  1. Click on Mining Pool.

  1. Enter Miner Id and Worker Name.
  • Miner Id: The ID which you entered when signing up at Cube Chain Mining Pool.
  • Worker Name: Enter a worker name you want to use. (* If you want to use new worker name, you can simply enter the name you want to use without any registration process. It will automatically be registered to your Miner account.
  1. Once you entered all the information, click on Mining Start.

  1. To start mining, you can simply click on Start button. To stop, click on Stop button.
  2. You can see your mining status at Miner page and Worker page.

[Checking each Worker’s mining status]

If you click on the worker name in the Worker List which is placed at the bottom of Miner page, you can move to the Worker’s page.