[EN] Airbnb Passport information leaked, is my personal information safe?


Exposing Airbnb passport information and taking responsibility for each ot


her may be a foreseen event.
Personal information was exposed to Internet portals without filtering again.
When you use Airbnb, you can see the photos of your passport and ID that you uploaded for your own authentication.
Airbnb Korea said that the items that can be searched in Google are explained by the mistake of the user’s ID photo and that it is stored separately from Google’s own server.
Google refuted Airbnb ‘s search for key information, and eventually, the company removed the associated photo of the ID.
As you can see from the case of Airbnb, as well as other personal information leakage cases, uploading personal information to the server can be a nuisance.
If a user uses authentication services from an encrypted blockchain to access a service, is it possible to minimize personal information hacking?
 SignONE Sign-In System for Cube Chain Security Login System (SLS)
When a user performs only one registration process, it is a service that enables login and user authentication without any extra work on third-party service through user hash authentication information based on the blockchain.
SignONE adds safety and reliability by linking biometric information such as fingerprint and iris. One identity generated by the SignONE service is available to the services of all service providers who want to use Cube Chain service group and SignONE.
Cube Chain uses four hash algorithms and three chains to create a single cube using a total of 55 hash functions. It is safe to use my personal information in Cube Chain rather than a tool that I have to use while knowing that the personal information stored on the server is dangerous, but if you can receive Cube Chain coin as compensation using a blockchain ecosystem, that is a double catch.



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