[EN] What is “Test-net”?


Hello everyone!  This is team Cube Chain.




Many people are wondering about it.


So, Team Cube Chain prepared this to tell you the meaning and purpose of Test-net and future plan for Cube Chain Test-net.


What is  ‘Test-net’?

Test-net is a very useful and essential tool in the smart contract development stage.


It has the same environment as mainnet and by using this platform, we can see whether the project’s intended functions are working properly or not.


Currently, many blockchain projects create their tokens on certain platform’s Test-net which their mainnet is operating and run their projects.


At the start, Cube Chain also created token based on ERC-20. That is, Ethereum Test-net base.


But Cube Chain kept working on the development of our own mainnet with our own technology which is NOT an open source.

Here and now, we have our own Test-net.

Once we stabilize and finalize current Test-net, we move on and start operating the mainnet.


In the minnet, just like Ethereum, Cube Chain will be a platform where other variety of projects may create their tokens and their own ecosystem.


Characteristics of Cube Chain’s Test-net


Cube Chain’s Test-net and mainnet has the same environment.

You can test our development stage and environment of Cube Chain.

Transactions and Cube generation status occurring on Cube Chain Test-net can be views at http://testnet.cubescan.io




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