[EN] All about Cube Chain mining device Q10.



Greetings from Cube Chain!

There have been many questions regarding Q10.  


First of all, Q10 will be released as an exclusive USB type mining device with ASIC chip in it.

Below are the answers for current inquiries we received.









Q. 가격이 얼마입니

Q. How many QUB can be mined with the device?

A. As of now, the exact amount of QUB mined a day per device cannot be ascertained.

There are two ways to mine; mining pool and stand alone. Outturn of mining can vary depending on the mining method, a number of participating nodes, contributed time, and so on. For stand-alone, you can earn more for each success but the success rate can be much lower than joining a mining pool with many participants. Some can mine for 24/7, others can mine for just a few hours or less. The more you contribute, the more you can earn.

If we calculate this in a very simple way;

According to our white paper, the daily amount of QUB that can be mined is 360,000 QUB. If all 2,000 pre-sale devices join the mining pool and run 24/7, each participant earns about 180 QUB. But this is an extremely simple calculation which cannot actually be applied to a real situation. Currently, due to lack of actual mining data, expecting an accurate amount is very difficult.


Q. Where will the earned QUB be stored?

A. Exclusive Cube Chain wallet will be available after the launch of Cube Chain Main-net. You can register the wallet address to the mining program and the coins you earned will be stored in your wallet.


Q.What is the Hash Power of Q10?

A. Max 10GH/s. It can show 3~10 (or higher) times more powerful Hash Power than other general CPU/GPU type mining.


Q. Can I use more than one device per PC?

A. Due to electricity power limit on personal computer USB ports, we strongly recommend using just one device per PC for safety of the users and their PC.


Q. Do you sell official hub for Q10?

A. We do not have any plan for developing a hub for Q10. We will definitely notify if the plan changes.


Q. Does Q10 have a storage function?

A. Q10 is designed just for mining function. There is no storage in Q10.


Q. When and where will 5,000 QUB for purchasing Q10 be distributed?

A. For those who purchased Q10 by now, the distribution process will start on March 11th sequentially. After that, the distribution process will start on 10th of every month for the purchases of the previous month until the end of pre-sale period. QUB will be sent to the wallet address which you registered when you signed up at Cube Chain website. Cube Chain is not responsible for the loss of distributed QUB including but not limited to below cases;


– Entering the wrong wallet address 

– Entering another cryptocurrency wallet address. 

– Sending to a crypto exchange which QUB is not listed.


Q.I would like to change my wallet address which I registered when signing up.

A. To change the address, please send an email with below information using the same email address which you registered when signing up.

Name :

E-mail :

Current address:

New address:

I am applying for the change of my wallet address. I am responsible for this application and change.



If you have any questions, please contact via help@cubechain.io or Telegram community.

Thank you!



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