[EN] Is Cube Chain really a better blockchain for e-commerce?


On April 19th, Satoko Omata, technology and business journalist of Techwireasia has introduced the blockchain technology with a new technological product- Cube Chain with an updated version of blockchain from Cube Chain System company of South of Korea. She has analyzed how Cube Chain is different by explaining functions of three special blocks: Statistic Block, Indexing Block, and Escrow Block. In the e-commercial world, Cube Chain comes with a build in – payment capacity, where merchants and buyers can transfer money directly on the platform without needing to wait for transaction approval by banks, or credit card issuers etc. It is offering two applications: a social network marketplace called Cube Chat, where merchants can showcase and sell their products; and an AI service manager.

Cube Chain states that they will integrate common currencies into the platform as soon as they are able. JuYun Kim, Communication Manager of Cube Chain said that this is more than just a marketplace and it is not easy for people to imagine how the system will work so the company is working on educating the market at the moment. Satoko also informed in her conclusion that Cube Chain will be launching at the end of this year.



Is Cube Chain really a better blockchain for e-commerce?


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