[EN] Combining blockchain technology and instant messaging services.


Have you ever imagined combining distributed director technology, blockchain technology and instant messaging services? Cube System will commercialize new services by applying blockchain technology to its free mobile messenger. Blockchain-based messaging is expected to be a new messenger service that includes live broadcasting, P2P transactions, payments, and data protection.


The Cube System plans to incorporate OJ World, a Korean message-based service company, as its affiliate to create a new blockchain ecosystem.


Kim Dong-oh, CEO of the Cube System said ” As businesses apply to blockchain technology that is rapidly diversifying into world, we will be able to work with blockchain technology and messenger platform for transaction between P2P in social media and content business environment, “


The blockchain service of the Cube System can be found in more detail at the “Global Issue 2018 Forum”, the MoneyToday Network (MTN), which will be held on the 17th.





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