[EN] The Core in ASM in Cubechain- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


CubeON’s ASM introduces AI and machine learning techniques to build enterprise call centers for customers and links them to blockchain for secure transactions and smart contracts. Machine learning can be implemented by various technologies such as deep learning, neural network, natural language processing, etc. It is programming that enables understanding, learning, prediction, adaptation, and autonomy to be recognized in our daily lives as if the AI service has intelligence.

Machine learning makes a judgment and predicts based on analyzing data and learns through analysis by utilizing the algorithms. Therefore, we ultimately aim to learn and do scope by making computer itself learn through massive amounts of data and algorithms, rather than coding specific instructions directly into the software.

The data entered in the messenger installed for the company’s call center service is processed by the algorithmic method, such as decisive learning, inductive logic programming, clustering, and reinforcement learning. The machine is completed by call center type machine learning. By combining big data analysis with the machine learning constructed in an AI, Chat-bot which provides the best answer to the customer’s question using the analyzed data is completed.

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